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Ellea Dawn
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"Ironically, we are motivated as writers by a hunger for applause, for praise, for love, and yet we grow as writers by going our lonely way." -Donald M. Murray

Bonjour! My name is Ellea Dawn (obviously not my real name but I tend to be a private kind of person). I am an English master's student. I'm a bit of a nerd and I study a lot so I don't have a ton of free time but when I do I write. Of course there are times when my creative side just hits me and I've been known to lock myself up for days until the creative energy recedes. Yeah...I'm a bit passionate about my writing (to say the least). I mostly write short stories, but recently I've been writing a lot of poetry...not quite sure why...

Feel free to email me! I have an account at fanfiction.net under the same penname.
FYI. Anonymous reviews are ok for my stories. :)

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Works In Progress:

The Faithful--I got the idea from Romeo & Juliet, but it's definitely written in my style. Dominic is the son of the Lestonia's dictator and heir to his power. Oksana is the assassin sent to kill Dominic. Yeah, a lame summary, I know, but I suck at writing summaries. ON HIATUS.

Confused? Yeah, Me Too--FINALLY OFF OF first humor/romance story. Jacqueline, a first-year college student, falls in love with her best friend and roommate, Amelia. But what about that sexy guy she keeps running into? The theme behind this is that you can't help who you fall in love with.

All The World's A Stage--A collection of my sketches that I began after taking a creative nonfiction class. Most of them are brief, photographic looks at my life, but some have deeper meaning. This will be updated whenever the sketch-writing mood strikes me.

The Soul's Whisperings--My book of poetry. I'm an insomniac, so most of my poetry is written between the hours of midnight and five a.m. I write dark, twisted, sometimes confusing poetry. I usually don't write poetry, but when there are things I need to say but I can't put it into complete sentences...yeah...most of my poems convey raw emotion. So if you like, please review.

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