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Hmmmmm. About Me. I'm asian. I don't particularly like writing but someone is making me post my stuff becuase they feel lonely and think my writing is good. I love bunnies! I love music too. I listen to like everything except for hip hop and rap and country becuase they annoy me. Yea. I like in Washington and it rains too much for my liking. I hate rain. I love sunny days that aren't too hot. The temperature here is really nice though becuase it doesn't ever get too hot or too cold. Just RAINY. Grrrrrrrr. Weather is boring. Oh I like pirateness and ninjaness. Yay for Ask a Ninja! They are awesome. Like Possums. Yup.

Just so you know, everything I have posted has been a assignment of some kind for English. Yep. Honors English Rocks!

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