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hey all! welcome to my profile. i'm lefty, as in "handed."

i suppose i should be talking about myself here, but i have decided on talking about my stories instead... since that's probably the reason you've come to my profile anyway.

by the way, for those of you looking for reviews: The Review Game (a quick and easy way to get reviews! there are lots of fun little goodies there, too... like the review marathon... and i'm a mod on this one so... go there!)

Review Policy: If you review a piece of mine and request a review from me, i will do my best to give you a review. however, your review must be responding to one of my pieces, not just requesting a review. basically, i'm looking for concrit or other commentary, not just a review request. i will return the favor. :)

Works In Progress:

The Amazingly Epic Tale of the Review Game!!: The title was ACTUALLY supposed to have many exclamation marks at the end, but FP didn't let me do it. T_T FP won't even let me put multiple exclamation marks in my profile. ;_; Anyway, this was for "Fight for the Freebie!" on the Review Game forum. So please don't take it too seriously. :) Hope you guys enjoy... XD

The Tale of Mary Sue Carroll: I'm attempting to make a Mary Sue that people will like. XD It's not going too well so far, but I hope that she'll grow on people... (like fungus, perhaps?) I would really like feedback on this, since it's a complete experiment. And... any suggestions on a more effective title would be much appreciated... :) Thanks!

The Wondrous Washin Shower Rangers: So this one... was just kind of a weird humor piece for myself. I'm not sure if I'll ever continue it, but it definitely isn't finished. I really like it; I hope all of you who read it did too.

Completed Stories:

Happiness Lived Next Door: This was the first story I posted on the site, and I feel that it was a success. I really hope that all of you who did read it (or are going to read it... hint hint. ;P) enjoyed the story as much as I did.

The Boyfriend: Completed! I hope all of you who read it enjoyed it; I know I enjoyed writing it. I am sad that it came to an end, but it's another completed work! Thank you to all of you who supported me and gave me feedback.

Sticks and Stones: Amazingly, it's completed! I'm really happy with the result, and even happier that people enjoyed it. I don't think I will be writing a sequel or making it longer (as many of you asked - sorry, guys) but you never know. Maybe I'll be struck with inspiration one day. Thank you all for supporting this story!

E Flat Minor of Platform 24: Wow, I can't believe this actually won the Fiction Awards 2007 Story of the Year. Thank you all! This was my attempt at a one-shot, but it was so long that I had to split it in two. I really liked writing the characters - writing E Flat was a lot of fun, and Natalie was okay, too. Natalie was really hard to write... I don't think I'm going to write such a selfish character again. :P Thanks to all who read and reviewed!

Princess Charming: IT'S DONE! I feel it was quite a success... :) Thanks to everyone who supported my story... I definitely felt that my writing got better during the story... all because of your wonderful comments! I did leave it open ended, but I probably won't revisit the characters for a while (sorry...). Anyway, thanks to everyone who read and reviewed!

Poems: I'm not going to talk about my individual poems here, but I enjoyed writing all of them. (otherwise why else would I put them here...?)

also, i really appreciate those of you who just stop by and read my stories. i know you're out there... because i can see the hits. love you guys.

Anyway, i've bored you enough with my profile. keep scrolling to get to my stories! 'Til next time...


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