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READERS TO MY STORY, I am in desperate need of a favour from all of you. Do any of you enjoy role-playing? Do any of you love gorgeous men? Well my best friend in the entire world constructed a KICK ASS-yes capitals to emphasize the kick-ass-ness of it all- RPG site. It is based off the stellar show, Supernatural. No seriously you can be a hunter, a half demon, a witch, heck you can even be the stars of the show. We're in fact looking for a Den and Sam Winchester. It's new, and we need members to get this rolling. Please guys! Most people think I wouldn't sink to depravity, but that's where they are wrong. Falls to knees PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE JOIN THE SUPERNATURAL RPG SITE. You won't regret it! If you do, feel free to scar me in any way you see fit; but, seriously it is a great place to be, and has a kick ass background story you can role-play off from. Check it out. I mean what else do you have to lose?


Ah jeez where to start…

Hey, I was AngelicScreams but morphed into CandyCoatedInk, you can still call me Jess. I'm wondering how are we all doing this evening/morning? (-depending on when you reading this)

I'm known as DreamySiren on a couple of sites and loves writing (even though the grammar/spelling is a little sad), movies and adore music. I figure you should try each variety when it comes to music because I personally think each genre has at least one good song in it.

I can not stand discrimination for ex. racism, homophobia, ageism, judging by religion...basically anyone putting down others for superficial things like that will really set me off.

I'm Canadian with a Haitian background(Caribbean)

And I'm a Virgo with an Aquarius rising.

My Music fix: Breaking Benjamin, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Skillet, Boys Like Girls, Phil Collins, Stephen Speaks, Stefy, Jimmy Eat World, Bowlign for Soup, Within Temptation, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard, 3 Doors Down, Good Charlotte, All American Rejects, N'Sync, Backstreet Boys, Justin Timberlake(yeah, that's right!), Lifehouse, Black Eyed Peas, Breathe by Greenwheel, QuietDrive, Hedley, Sick Puppies, Fabor Drive, "Swing Life Away" by Rise Against and Relient K

Song of the moment: Nine Inch Nails- Closer

Mood: Duty bound

~ A Cliched Inexcusable Affection

Name's Evan, and I'm a C.I.A agent. Now, you'll assume a C.I.A agent handles dangerous affairs, highly confidential cases, espionage...BUT NO! What's my first case? Trying to get a girl to like me, and face the hell that is known as high school. Let's just hope that this unfortunate scenario doesn't lead me into doing something inexcusably cliched.

Chapters: 3

~Sweet Dreams Are Made of These Summary

To see a guy you've never met before in a dream is pretty freaky, but to see him the very next day at a your new high school is just plain unnatural! Well that exactly what happened to Caden Matthews, but for the man of her dreams who would of thought that the guy was a complete asshole, and most importantly for a guy she'd learn to despise why can't she stop having those dreams.

Cahpters: 15

~The Consequences of a Greek God's Love Summary

Aiden Issacs has been in love with the same guy since the 9th grade. She, going into last year at high school, gets some unexpected help from the Greek god of love himself. Well, actually it's the Greek God of love's son, Trey, who absolutely hates everything about his dad's "profession" but you could read more of that in the series. Anyway, He was assigned to get Aiden her guy, to be allowed back home, and he did. Then why is it every time he sees Aiden with Jason (the guy Aiden's absolutely in love) he wants to rip Jason limb by limb...very slowly. It's your typical love triangle-ish scenario

Chapters: 2

STORY RECOMONDATION: Guys I honestly suggest reading 'I'd Withstand All of Hell to Hold your Hand' It's a really good story, and so sweet! It's under the account, Make-Damn-Sure. Hell, do it as a favour to me if you must. The story is crazy good, how do I know this? I co-wrote it, (cocky or what :P) with my best friend, the grammar queen, with a wicked imagination. That's right a legible romantic-humour! So if you do have the time, please do check it out _. Between you and me, there's even a chance you love this guy, more than River Michaels...yeah, he's that hot. Maybe it's because this guy isn't human? See for yourself. :P

Link: http://www.fictionpress.com/~makedamnsure

Chapters: 6

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