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A long time ago, Date Unknown

Thank you, everyone who reviewed my stories. The second part to The Sacrifice is in production. I know I have been gone long but I was away for the summer.

Okay, I lost all the files on my computer thanks to my dear brother, so it might take the Sacrifice Part II a little bit longer, mainly becauuse I have to start from scratch. Also, I have an untitled story thats almost done, I'll post it when it is complete. Later, dudes.

May 02 '07

I suck at updating profiles, thought you should know. But thanks to all reviewers. I will return the favour if I can. Also, I have two new stories that I want to post up here, but since I originally wrote them for a magazine, I have been asked to refrain from doing so until they are published or whatever. And I'll admit. I havent really started Part II for The Sacrifice. Mostly because it just doesn't turn out as good as the first one. So, yeah I might cancel that. I have a couple o' poemish songy things, that are pretty stupid and immature but I'll post 'em on here so you guys can tell me how to improve it. Thats it. In the words of my aunt (you know who you are) : Later, gators.

June 04 '07

I dont know what to do! Should I write the Sacrifice Part II or not? I don't wanna ruin it's original, ya know, essence or whatever. Gimme some feedback, people! Also, I'm gonna post a short was-supposed-to-be-an-essay thing on soon. Seriously. As soon as I find that stupid notebook so I can run it through Microsoft Word and spell check it and whatnot. Did I mention I hate bad grammar? Hate it. Got something to say? PM me! Now! I honestly feel phsycotic sometimes. Aslan's Sword Out.

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