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My name is Stephanie. You don't know me, you probably never will. I'm just one of those people you see, and never want to see them again, or know them. I am a teen, I live in my own fantasy world. I experience nostalgia a lot. Of the life before, of happiness, of my dreams, of my once bright future.

I have a strong but weird sense of humor and to people who talk to me, I am rather too sarcastic. I like writing, I'm not a poet, artist, or author. I say my mind, and I do what I want. My life is my own, I will do what I do. I do care for other people's opinions, but if it doesn't apply to me or help it won't matter to me.

I'm a pretty good friend, especially if you love recieving complements...or if you love hearing me say I'm stupid.

You won't find out much about me, even if you talk to me.

...I'm a shadow in the light, you'll see me, but you'd want to stay away...

"In in my dreams, I dream of fantasy. But when I dream of fantasy, its really actually a perfect reality."

-Everything Here and Above by Me (Stephanie)...

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