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Hello, darlings!

...yes, I do like using the word 'darling', but in a faintly cynical manner.

Um, I basically like all leisure activities - such as: reading and writing, listening to music, and watching television. And sleeping. And eating. All that is what I live for. I'm a lazy, pessimistic one.

To go into detail about my 'leisure activities', which I spend most of the day doing when ignoring the more fickle side of life such as exams and vacuuming and blah blah blah, I like;

; frozen people when I click pause on the tv screen, Buffy and Spike's secret lovefest, Colin Meloy's voice, hot chocolate with hazelnut, dreams starring me, Chandler Bing's insecurity, power metal when feeling down, listening to my i-pod till the battery runs out, rereading the Harry Potter books, Michael Palin and trying to count from 1 to 10 in French.

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