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I deleted my older poems, but I am thinking about uploading them again. Until then, I'm putting up new ones.


Update 2020-06/18&19: I'm not uploading any more older poems. That should have been kinda obvious since the above is from 2012-11/02 *wink*
I do not think I'll be posting anything new to this site other than reviews to the amazing works that are posted here.


Update 2020-07/19: I was going through this site's private messaging and came across my messages to several beloved authors on here and my heart is still broken. Like, it will never be repaired and this isn't an exaggeration. I know their titles. I know to whom those titles belong. I know that I was not bright and never saved them chapter by chapter because I'm a moron. Every day I still mourn "Smashing Poetic Raspberries" and it's unfinished sequel "Still Smashing Poetic Raspberries". I remember the traumatic event of opening by aim email, something I had not had access to in a long while, and clicking the link aaaaand. :sob: I refuse to name the other stories from another loved author. It really hurts. It seriously hurts. To this day. It's been over 8 fucking years. It's the agony I feel here that I learned my lesson with saving fanfiction. Like, ohemefgee, Jinko "Mansion Built Upon Sand" helllooooo. It. Still. Hurts. These. Wounds. Will. Never. Heal. I never needed a papercut to bleed so mercilessly.


Update 2022-03/11: I removed 'Not Her' and its sequel, 'SAM'. I feel like I could have done better with those, and I literally always cringed thinking about any feedback on them. That should have been my first clue to axe them! I took forever to upload the third installment of my Self Reflections whatever it is at this point. That has spanned years, 2006, 2012, and 2021. I've got "Backwater" by Meat Puppets playing in my head about how some things will never change. That's all for now, folx.

Update 2022-06/05 I uploaded some of my original poetry and blurbs from a fanfic I wrote. As of right now, the fanfic is not posted on FFN or AO3 yet. There are one or two more chapters to go before I post, but I wanted to share my poems first since that part is 100% finished. If you're on AO3 and you see 'Oreiayean' or on FFN and you see 'Ai Neko Yokai', those are the only two other places where this poetry should be seen. (Along with the fanfic it was specifically written for.) Yeah, yeah, yeah, I still enjoy fanfiction. I have a hard time letting go and a very overactive unmedicated imagination. (It actually doesn't matter if I am medicated or not... I was still reading then too. Bite me.)

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