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Name: Megan

Fiction Press Penname: not.megan

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Dear People Who are Right Now Reading my Profile,

I also have an account in Fan Fiction . net. ( www.fanfiction.net ) So anyhow, I write Naruto fanfiction there. I'm currently writing
a story called Locker Buddies. It's set in modern times and is
about romance and highschool. For my first story, I'd have to say
that writing about every day teenagers seemed easiest to start
out. I've also written a story called I Knew a Guy Named Lachlan. I got the idea after I came back from summer camp. I will also start writing other stories as in fantasy and adventure after I get the hang of this posting-the-stories-that-i-otherwise-would-only-have-shown-my-friends business.

Your's truly,


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