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Hi, I'm HawkDancer. Nice to meet you. I love reading, and after a break from writing, am trying to get back into it. I love telling stories, and have a quirky sense of humor. I am obsessed with grammar. I'm currently working on the prologue to His Dream. I really hope I write this story to the caliber it deserves, and I hope you have fun reading. :)

My Poems:

Tears - It's about a girl who is crying, instead of holding it back as she usually does. The poem explains the thoughts going through her head, and tells what she has thought about tears before. (Rhymes.)

Little Mill Girl - I think this is one of my best works. It takes place sometime during the Industrial Revolution, and it's about a young girl's life at the mill. It tells about what other people think of her, as well as her own thoughts about her occupation. (Rhymes.)

With You Forever - This is based on a personal experience. It tells about a girl (I'm sure you've noticed a pattern already =P ) who loses a friend. She promises that she will never forget her, and all the things they've been through together. (Doesn't rhyme, but still has a beat.)

A Time When You Can Fly Without Wings - About December, and it's cheery atmosphere. May not sound interesting, but I like it. Was published on my school's website. (Rhymes.)

My Stories:

The Invention Stealer - (TIS) Jessica Sharpe is 18 years old, and she's rich. What for? Ah, the usual. Stealing inventions from England and bringing them to the US, but for a price. (First person.) (PERMANENT HIATUS)

Pending Ideas/Stories:

His Dream - (Title Pending) (Currently writing) They were supposed to be best friends. When he went off to be an actor, they swore that they would support and remember each other. But what good is a one-sided deal? And what is she to do, now that said deal-breaker is coming back?

Good Girls Gone Bad - (GGGB) Title tells all. What, do I need to spell it out for ya'? (Erm, yeah, that was the summary... I'm not mean. It just happened to fit... Y'know, with the good girls gone bad, and evil summary... yeah...)

The Dangers of Strangers/Don't Talk To Strangers - (Title pending) Yeah, I know it's easy for strangers to hurt you. But who knew they could rip your heart out and crush it in the dirt?

-Untitled- - (Title pending) In a world where anything is possible, the one thing Tiana wants is the one thing she can't have.

As Loyal As A Fox (ALAF) Sabrina Davison is sly, cunning, deceitful and dishonest. But then one person comes into her life and shows her what loyalty truly means.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire - (LLPF) Nikki is your perfect girl--smart, innocent, happy-go-lucky, honest. Or at least, that was before her friends found out about her amazing ability to lie.

Because of My Scooter - (BMS) So, I was going home one day, on my scooter, in the rain. And maybe it wasn't the smartest idea, because it just happened to land me in the hospital with more bruises than I can count.

Bullied Into Love - (BIL) Riania has been constantly picked on by Jason. Unfortunately, Riania is in love with him.

Savior To My Aid - (STMA) It was more or less like one of those sappy romance movies where the prince in shining armor saves the utterly helpless damsel-in-distress from her malicious kidnapper. Except for the fact that this is high school, the bad-guy is a bully, and the prince is my worst nightmare.

The Notewriter - (TN) Jeanne was going along her merry way one day when she suddenly finds a strange note in her locker. "Please be my friend. I'm lonely."

Bachelor Auction - (BA) When Dreeanne discovered bachelor auctions, she thought it would be a great way for her school to raise money. What she didn't expect was to win her own guy in the auction.

-Untitled 3- - (Title Pending) What are you? she asked, eyes wide with fright. Take a wild guess, he replied, grinning hugely. Two long fangs glistened in the light.

Bad Girl, Good Boy - (BGGB) Ryna Brownstone: the baddest girl in the school. Nothing's a challenge she isn't willing to take on. James Tykson: the straight-A goody-two-shoes. All brains, no brawn; but he can still pull his own weight.

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