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Hello there everyone!

So, welcome to my little old profile. There's really nothing interesting to be found here but read on if you feel like it.

First off: many thanks to all you cool people who read and review. You rock my world. Seriously, you all deserve a golden star or something. However, because of obvious limitations, you get virtual ones instead. Wicked.

Okay, second off: A little note about my stories. I'm so horrible at updating them. Seriously. I should be shot or something for how bad about it I am. However, I'm just here to tell you that I do plan on finishing my stories. It'll just take a long while getting there so, if it's not too much to ask, just be patient. We'll all get there eventually, haha.

Thirdly: Ummm...Yeah, I don't really know what to put here. It just sounded kind of lame to leave at two...sooo...Um...a little bit about me, maybe? Okay, so my real name's Avery. I live somewhere you will never find out and am 15. My many random interests range from being a piggy-back whore to my delightfully awesome friends, music to reading, violin to writing, and so on. I have the bad habit of writing too many stories at once and you'll always find a bit of my own personality in one of my characters.

My stories: I have, for now, decided to delete them off of here. The fact of the matter is, what with posting them on here I become concerned with making them perfect the first time around and as we all know, that gets us no where. That said, I'm taking them off so I can just write without having to worry about other's reactions. Who knows? Perhaps once I get farther along, I'll post them back up. But, for the time being, they shall remain gone. I'm sorry but there's not much to do about it. I'm sure you can understand my position.

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