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hey, I'm17 and I really have no life, but I'm ok with that. I'm mixed with chinese and a little mexican, I'm shy at first but once I get to know you you'll find out exactly how loud I can be. I'm known for my crazy ideas yet at the same time for being too mature and needing to lighten up. (it depends on how I'm feeling) I love photography and music. All my extra cash goes to buying new cd's and pictures. I say like, dude, and hecka a lot but I am not dense, I'm pale as can be,and I can't surf, but I am from California.

9/24 so I was writing the next part of stuck in the past thinking I would be a good little girl and update both stories but as I was writing I realized how much it really really sucked. I knew it sucked, but gosh, so I deem it unsalvagable and am going to stop writing it. I know I left it on a cliff hanger which I am sorry for and it just got to the climax, but if you want, email me and I'll tell you what was going to happen next, but I won't be writing any chapters any time soon. Good news is I did update Crooked Streets and will continue writing that one. No I did not abandon it, if I do I will tell you, not just leave and never return. But I like writing this one, so hopefully I will finish it.

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