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Hey, how ya'll doing? This is my bio, you might fall asleep if you read this, but don't tell me if you do! ; )

NAME: Elizabeth a.k.a. Ellie, Elliegator, Elliebelly (my mom calls me that), and E.T. ... don't ask.

HEIGHT: How about real short?!

WEIGHT: Keep wondering, not telling! :P ha

STARSIGN: Aquarius

LIKES: Soccer, Chicago Fire Soccer team, steak, writing, trying new things, my BF, having fun, pets, drawing, hanging with friends, playing the cello ( yes, that IS an instrument!), singing, & lot's of other stuff. Oh yah, Reading!!! ...ok this is girly but also talking on the phone... ... ... ...

DISLIKES: Showoffs, braggarts, whiners, teasers, mean people, liars, gossipers, all types of cooked & non-cooked fish ( disgusting!!!), junk food, White Soxs ( go Cubs!!!), racists, sexists, people who think they are always right, getting interupted when I am talking ( How rude!), ect...

Yup. Well, I am done... so bye.

Oh yah, and a quick reminder, karma really does come back to bite you in the buttock! Today I dropped an icecube while I was trying to get some in that stupid glass, and it fell behind the garbage can. I was too lazy to pick it up so alas, I left it there. Later, while I was running to get something from the car, I tripped down the stairs and almost broke my ankle. I looked up and guess what?!? The stupid icecube melted and slid on the floor under my feet!!!!!!! lol. Anyways, DON'T LEAVE STUPID ICECUBES BEHIND THE STUPID GARBAGE CAN!!!! Take a lesson from me.

ALSO, I am writing a story right now, its called," When Bad Luck Runs Out", but I've just started it, so that's why its not on here yet... ( the first chapter isn't even half way done!) & I am working on a story called, "Elements", or, "The Elements", idk.. I don't know if I should work on my first story or the one that just popped in my head or if I should work on them both, or neither, or... I'm running out of options... I am rambling AGAIN... Anyway, you should expect a story or two on here soon... Yup. See You Later!! :-) ;-)

Almost all of my stories are true stories... it's probably because I wouldn't be able to think of an interesting one with MY sucky imagination... lol.

OK STORIES/POEMS ARE COMING SOON!!! ...hopefully... lol, just kiddin'...

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