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My name isn't really Moll Hackabout, I just stole it from a character in William Hogarth's paintings.

And dear lord, I have still have Kismet up! That was a while ago, I might even update it since I kinda like it... Anyway, here is A Harlot's Second Chance.

AHSC: REGENCY. Essie is a prostitute in 19th Century England, who finds her will to survive dwindle as each day passes. But when a dashing young man offers her freedom, in exchange for a small favor in his world of nobility, her life finally changes for the better...or so she thinks. But when she uncovers deceit and secrecy among the aristocracy, Essie is forced to rethink her happiness as a noblewoman, and her love for the man she once thought she knew.

Kismet: A young girl, orphaned as a child, is forced to live in the cruelty of the castle. Affection is seldom seen and happiness is a mystery to the likes of silly, little girls like her. But when she accidentally stumbles upon a curious boy while on kitchen duty, sparks of interests fly, and the girl realizes soon enough, that the boy is none other than the Crown Prince! So what does she do? Easy, stalk him!

Have fun!


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