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Alot of the things I write are not fake! They have some relation to me! thats how I write! I am never fake, and alot of the time when I write things, it may sound like it doesnt make sense but I just want people to think. sometimes I cover my messages so you have to actully become that person and feel what they feel and go through what they did, only if its for 5 min. Its still hell!And I'm very bad at spelling so sorry if theres something spelled wrong, I will fix it asap.

Name: WHY!

Age: 19

Likes: Cartoons Fosters home for imaginary friends

Fav Color; Blk and pink

Music: Punk, goth, metal, techno, dance, pop,

Love: dogs, cats

Bestfriend: Lur, Toni, and Esther

I Call myself The Devils White Winged Angel It means more then you may think!

And alot of people don't get my work so if you don't get it thats kool your not alone!

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