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8/10/08 3:42 AM

!! My VERY first story is UP!! I'm in a writing frenzy, actually! But it's pretty late right now so I will write more later! I've had this idea in my head for a while now and I'm just so excited! Hopefully, I won't get a writer's block! (: More detailed summary down below. PLEASE READ & REVIEW!



clear vision.

In Loving Memory

She left her life behind in New York to forget the memory of her brother's death. Following the death, she is unable to attend college and has no choice but to take the year off and work to save money for the expensive tuition. As the new live-in babysitter for a six-year-old Jake Castor, who comes from a wealthy family in Los Angeles, she never expected to find herself in the constant presence of the golden boy, Jeremy Castor. She has no choice but to deal with him, as he is the older brother of the kid she babysits and the praised son of her employers. Incidents happen and sarcasm flies. Who knows what will happen between these two.

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