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Somehow that radioactive glow didn't help much as far as upgrades go. (unless it was too dark at night -- i was my own night light!)

so here: Upgrade 2.0 (which should be better than 1.0, for sure)
If i screw this one up too, there are millions of numbers to use for the next model. (just wait until upgrade 430.0!)

Just in case, I assure you that my fingers are crossed (In luck- not in lies!) and I promise to do my best to make a story, plot and characters within a month. (what else should I do in math class, of course!)

PEACE, to all you people who most definitely are not reading this.


Honestly, I have no idea what to do with myself sometimes. I'm obnoxious, quite lame, and have a one tracked, boy loving mind (in my less honorable moments) and on the other hand, I'm caring to the point of insanity (especially to those who don't care about themselves anymore) and am so polite it's painful to watch. Yet I am also a bitch and rarely update.

That is all changing now.

INTRODUCING the new, better, brighter me (yes this entails a radioactive glow):
a Splitting Image of the person before, although this one comes with a million of different features not offered before.

watch out world, this girl's here to stay.

Everything you'll ever wonder about me (and more!):

Name: There is an A in my name. (out of the17 letters, there is at least one A)
Age: 16
Height: 5"6
Gender: Female, woman, babe (bottom line, I'm a girl.)
Eye and Hair Colour: Both dark brown (hair more chestnut)
Culture(s): My father is from Portugal and my mother is from China. I am neither. (which leaves me being Canadian. Whooh!)

Unfortunately I am surrounded by hormonal teenagers who think nothing but dirty thoughts. And they're closing in. (luckily I always manage to make some daring escape... Oh, who am i kidding! I'm kinda screwed.)

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