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awestruck4 PM
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Hello you wonderful writers!

Welcome to my page of 0 stories. Why? Because I'm not a writer at all! In fact, I hate writing! I'm actually an art person. I only created

this account for the sole purpose of reading all your well-woven stories!

So bring it on!

Awestruck4 8~ )

NOTE TO PLAGIARISTS: How can you steal another person's work?? I'm so pissed off at you plagiarists who have no creativity whatsoever and have no dignity & respect for the real authors who spent so much time and energy writing their stories!! How would you feel if someone else stole something precious to you and took the credit for your work?? It's because of you idiotic plagiarists that I can't read stories on ficpress by my favorite authors!! If any of you plagiarists get caught, you deserve to be sued!!

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