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Name: Siese

Hello everyone. If you're here looking for some of my work, such as New Night, I'm afraid I had to take them down in anticipation of one day publishing my work. Also, this website does nothing to protect your work, and that's always made me nervous. So, I'm really sorry if you were hoping to reread, but hopefully one day it'll be a published work. And if all goes well, I will update here if/when I do become a published author, if you'd like to continue to support me. Thanks so much for reading and loving my characters. You all have given me the courage to try and do this for real. I wouldn't have made it this far without you guys.

Edit: quick update. If you would like a way to follow and keep up with me on my journey to publishing my work, I have created an Instagram and Tumblr. My Insta is author.ktyarrow. On Tumblr, you can find me @ktyarrow. Give me a follow! I'll try to update as the process goes along.

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