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Everything written under this login is written as Azalea Charles, my pseudonym for the Romance genre. Some of you may have run across me a while back as a former member of the Romance Vagabonds blog. I am not a member of that team, although I do wish them, the Vauxhall Vixens and Romance Writer's Revenge the greatest of luck.

It seems that I have garnered enough interest to actually write a profile page. Not much to say, except that I use writing as an escape, as many of us do. It is simply a means of expressing that random mass of emotion sloshing around in my brain, and shouldn't be taken seriously. For those of you interested, I am (obviously) female, live in the southeastern US, and would love to hear ANY critiques, be they good or bad. As long as it's constructive and not flaming.

That said, I DO write smut, and I also write slash, but not all the time. I also write light AND dark, Fiction AND Fanfiction. Again, for those of you interested, follow the links below for more on my other works:

Slash! Smut! Transformers fanfiction as Dena Gray

Dark! Sadistic murder mystery as David Wofford

Blog, covering a multitude of sins, as well as random babblings, as Dena Gray

Artwork on Deviant Art as Dena Gray

I am also a member of the Nerdene Hyrde, a Transformers RP community. I am the pilot, Joyride (aka Krash...and no...not THAT Joyride)

And of course, the obligatory YouTube page as Survie57. Check out my vids, they're all TF related, save for one, which is a photo essay on my recent trip to Oregon.

Okay, so I think that about covers it. There are probably other things I've forgotten, so I'll add them later when I remember. Hope you have fun reading. And Thanks.

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