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Name: Megan.

Age: 15

Location: Quebec, Canada.

Music: Dropkick Murphys, Funeral for a Friend, Flogging Molly, Social Code, The Hush Sound, Tegan and Sara, Millencolin, Alien Ant Farm, The Matches...yeah I could go on and on and on.

Movies: Transformers, V for Vendetta, Dead Poet's Society, Braveheart, My Fair Lady, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Notebook...many others as well. I love movies.

Anyway...I write because I feel like it and I enjoy it. You may notice that I have more reviews than some, but many less than others. Reviews are amazing and I love getting them, but I won't take a story down simply because it's not getting reviews. So yes. I suck at poetry by the way, so if I have poetry up here then I honestly don't care if you flame it or whatever, because it's really not my forte.

Make me happy and review, or at least add me to your alerts/faves just so I know you enjoyed it at least. I try to reply to all the reviews I get, though I sometimes ramble. I hope I didn't just contradict myself.

Flames are welcome. :)


I encourage you to read and perhaps give me praise or constructive critisism...I like hearing what people think of what I write, so read on!

Story Status:

The Rich Live Alone: I plan on redoing this story...AGAIN! I'm changing it so that her parent's aren't as unbelieveable as they are now, and so that she's closer with her siblings. I'm basically rewriting her whole family life. It makes me happy to think about it, because I hated how unbelievable my writing was. :) Though right now my main focus is on AiV. I really like my characters and ideas for that story, so I'm going to run with it. I'll probably still post chapters for this one though, just not as often. 07.05.07

Addy In Vain: I'm still excited about this story. I like what I have in mind...and I'm really quite astonished with the way it's being received. I got 15 reviews in less than 24 hours. How amazing is that? That's not the reason I'm making this story my main one, but it certainly doesn't put me off any from doing so. 07.05.07

Story Summary Pet Peeves:

There are a few things about a story summary that really set me off a story, and make me very reluctant to read it. These are just my personal opinions, and I do not claim to know how to write a summary better than anyone else, nor do I wish to tell people how to write their summaries.

1. When somebody writes "I'm bad at summaries, but the story is good, I swear!". Trust me, I can tell it's a bad summary, you don't need to point it out to me. I'd much rather read a story with a bad summary then read a story that points out the bad summary...if that made any sense. Besides, the thing I look for most in summaries is grammar and spelling anyway, so even if your words suck, as long as it's done right I'll still read the story.

2. When somebody writes "goth" or "emo" or "prep" or any label in a summary. I get that labelling is pretty much part of human nature...but how relevant is the label to the story? If this "goth" character is a loner, then just say that they don't have friends, if this "prep" is popular, then just say that.

3. When there are 243894375974 spelling mistakes. Everyone makes typos, but when there are a dozen in twice as many words, it gets a bit tiring and completely sets me off of your story.

4. When somebody says that their story is bad, but to please read and review it anyway. If you tell me that your story sucks, I will not read it. If you don't tell me that it sucks, and I discover that it sucks, I will most likely leave a very long and detailed review pointing out everything I did and didn't like. If there are multiple chapters, then I might not read the whole thing, but one chapter with one review should be enough to suit you well.

5. When somebody writes "don't flame me". There isn't much reasoning behind this one, I admit... I guess it's just because my view on flames is quite simple : suck it up.

My Awesome Friends

Okay, so you totally have to check these people out, because they're so much more talented than I am. They write amazing poems, songs and stories. So what are you waiting for? GO LOOK!

Amanda: http://www.fictionpress.com/~suckerforaslowsong

Meg: http://www.fictionpress.com/~simplymeg

Chelsea : http://www.fictionpress.com/~silverydarkness

And this is an account I share with Amanda (Suckerforaslowsong). It's a story we co-write.


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