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Hey everyone,

I'd like to let you know that there will be a book containing all the poems viewable here and more coming out hopefully in the next 4 to 5 months. The book is titled Expressionism and can be purchased here . The book costs 15 USD.

Also, I am going to begin to publish parts of my novel Freedom is a Choice.

For anyone who is interested in self-publishing their work, I would suggest going through Create Space . You have a choice between using a standard plan where you only need to purchase a proof of your book to look over or the pro plan where you get expanded retail for your book as well.

Also, my sister has been given the opportunity to see cirque du solei as well as getting to go around to Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa, Ontario. Unfortunately at this time my family can't afford to send her. If you can please make a donation towards her trip I'd be very happy. Any donations can be made on the front page of my website Tywynn Art. Thank You.


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