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Okay so I just uploaded a poem around five minutes ago, and I'm sitting here typing another when my yahoo account thingie alerts me that I have mail. And to my surprise IT MY VERY FIRST REVIEW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!I was so happy I cried..seriously I cried. So thank you very much esoteric-rubbish you made my day!

I want everyone to know that I made some typing errors on my poems, but in order to keep the reviews that have been sent to me I haven't deleted and re-uploaded them so I could fix the mistakes. So I just wanted to apologize for that.

More people to thank-

Michael Aliester Smith(reviewed twice! Twice how cool is that!?), and Createanarchy (this person is definatly one of my favorite authors and reviewers)! You guys rock! My very first day of posting poems and I already have people giving me positive reviews! So thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!!!

Freed by Mercy (also reviewed twice. I feel like a doughnut I'm so happy.)protection-to the top(this writer has some great poetry.),Hemlock, Mithxerra the MoonLily (even though she doesnt agree with my views), Incognegro (gave me some good advice and a compliment!),Temperhemi (thanks much!)Makingituptoher, Etheral, Delium'sQueen (one of my favorite people.), this bitch is shady, jo-joba-music-girl, poetic abortion(Cool name! And even though your not a fan I really like your review, I try to think about what you said when I write.), sharpedgedpen, alice is dying (I like the adoration! And its good to know that someone out there is feeling the way I do, so thanks muchos Alice is dying!), Kerbi ( your review was really sweet and I appreciate the concern, but I still havent changed my opinion. Also I know that all christians are not like that, its just what I was feeling at the time. I "love love love"-d your review.), Rozlin (Your review made me sad, not because you said anything mean or whatever, but because someone else has had to go through that. Thankyou very much though.)Princess-anna57( This one actaully surprised me! I had literally just posted the poem for five minutes and all the sudden I got a review! Ah I love people on fiction press. And thanks for the "write on!"!).jenniferdaly( I cant believe that you called me moving! That is such a compliment, I cant even begin to thank you!),Ashley Hyperkins (She made me cry with all of her incredibly nice and evcouraging reviews! Thank you so very much! You are, most seriously, one of my favorite reviewers.), charmedbuffylova(thanks muchos! I have enjoyed your work immensely and cant wait till your next post!), C Colucy ( thank you for your nice comments. I was glad to find that someone could see images in my poems. It makes me proud!), Dawn Castle (You gave me one of the best compliments I have ever recieved, thank you so much.), Gaurdrail( I am really glad that you enjoyed it. And thanks for appreciating the"straightforewardness" not many people like that.), Teenfreakingangst (Ah! You calledmy poem passionate!Thankyou!),Wild Inside (You really got the poem and thats what Ilike! I hate the fakers to, we're, like... kin or something.),Caralita( I LOVED your review. Thanks muchos for the compliments!), Over-achieving-misfit (Its cool that you connect and your right, "what is a poem without emotion?" Oh and I like you name. Clever!), Noir Fleurir ( Thank you! What does your name mean?), morbid-fantasies ( You said I had talent! Thankyou muchos, deary!), slitwristremix (Ah, cool name! Your review made me consider the way I had written the beginning of the poem. I just might get around to changing it one day...), The Fool On The Hill ( Your name reminds me of my brother...anyway thank you!), Chuff (Did...you...call ME talented! I love your poetry, you and I aren't even on the same level. Your above me :)! ), I hOld tHe kEys oF lifE ( You really connected to the poem and I was happy to know that it was relatable. Thankyou.), Three Cheers for Eve ( Anger is the one thing that I think that I'm able to convey. Thank you, your compliment made me haaaappppyyyy.) HaleyJamesNathan ( I'm sorry that you did that, and I'm sorry that you had to know what that feels like. Its not a good place to be and I hope that you are now out of it. Thanks for the WOW ;)! ), Hallie Stunt ( I like to make people think, if I made them braindead I'd feel a little worried. thanks for the well written compliment!), Persecuted Angel (Seriously, you are fucking awesome.), Ashelin ( Thank you very much!), VampireSesameStreet ( I'm drinking coffee, still havent found real music but I'm searching. And I'm soopah happy I didnt confuse you! I feel all warm inside.)

I really appreciate what all of you have to say, so thank you for taking the time to review. And when (if) you do then you get to see your name up here! Yay!

Some stuff about me...

My name- Michael. Yes Michael you wonderful people you.

Sex- I am a girl! Yay me!


Stuff I like- Well...stuuuufffffff.

Why do you want to know all this useless crap about me anyway? Well if anyone wants to say 'allo e-mail or message me at

HEY GO AND ADD ME ON MYSPACE!!! /notthecreepyfatguy

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