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My name is Amanda.

I used to be known as Slipping-Away on fictionpress.com. I have recently acquired a new account, and I am re-vamping my stories, poems, andsongs.

Before I stupidly deleted 'My LIFE, She Is OVER!', I was happy girl. Then my favorite story was deleted. By myself. All the reviews, the chapters, everything, gone. Because I am an idiot. But thank god for small mercies, and floppy disks, because I had saved all the chapters on one before deleting it!

So, now, I have re-posted it under the title, Selena and Life: Questionable Sanity

Technically, it's the same story as before. Though, I have edited it, made it better, and hopefully corrected spelling mistakes. I will be posting new chapters for it after I have completely finished editing the chapters that have already been written. THE STORY IS STILL THE SAME. I do plan to continue it, and complete it. here is a longer summary or the story,

Selena and Life: Questionable Sanity:

Selena James is sent to an Almost-All-Boys-Boarding-School. Upon her arrival, she meets her annoying new roommate, the kind, old headmaster, and a building full of 500 hormone-driven young men. What’s a girl to do? Watch her make friends, break friends, and break a few school rules. Warning: Shiny Motorcycles, pretty men, good music and odd humor will not be held accountable for any injuries sustained whilst reading this story.

If you have any questions at all, email me at slippingaway17@, or review my story with your question.

AND, please, if you get the chance to, please read Inside, Looking Out by: Variable X. Which used to be my old account. Now, my friend Megan and I share it. It's a fantasy story, Action/Adventure with a little bit of Romance. Here is a small summary of the story,

Inside, Looking Out:

When Aveline Sasine travels to Cataria to live with her uncle, she uncovers a conspiracy that could ruin the coutry she comes to love. With Odette, her tutor and friend, she will learn to control and use her fantastical powers to
help the people of Cataria and those she loves. A tale of betrayal, drama and a conspiracy that could be the end of all the peace and harmony in Evaren, a world of supernatural wonder.

You should also check out the wonderful works of Megan- The Writer, Simply Meg, and SilveryDarkness, all my friends. Please review Inside, Looking Out. It's lonely when it comes to reviews.

I will also be re-posting all my songs from 'This Gun Is Loaded', but hopefully, I will be able to find a much less emo title for the anthology.

Please please please please please read and review. PLEASE.

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