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Hello there.

My name's Shannon. I am 18, and I am a writing major at Pratt Institute.

When I'm not writing or doing schoolwork, I read, sing (er not very well), dance (again, not very well), play music (violin), act (through my high school's drama club and summer programs; I am still trying to find something here at Pratt), and act like an obsessive fangirl and all-around weirdo.

Thanks for visiting!

--Shannon (dreamgirl89)

February 9, 2008

I am the worst updater ever.

I know I promised to update ages ago. I know I promised that I wouldn't let my work become perpetual works-in-progress that would then die slow, painful, deaths. And I suck for not living up to said promises. However, I have been writing a lot more lately. I have a ton of things I can give you, most of which I've just uploaded. I have more waiting to be uploaded, but I figure that, since the weekends will be my regular update times, I want to be prepared for next week. I'll also be working on new pieces, but, sadly, I cannot promise any multiple-chapter pieces yet. (I promise to try to work on that as soon as I can, though!) If you're looking for some meatier pieces to read, check out my list of favorite authors and stories. They're brilliant.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Love always,
--Shannon (dreamgirl89)

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