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It has been over a decade since I logged on to this website. I lost touch with writing and with a lot of my creativity. I have had a sort of personal renaissance but know not whether it will persist. What brought me back was finding an old manuscript for a story I had written long ago - "Waiting For Sunrise". I re-read it. And I cringed through most of it. I remembered, however, the excitement and joy of writing it. I also felt myself connecting with some of the characters on a new level. It rekindled my long-lost desire to write.

I am not a sophisticated writer, and I have not yet found my niche nor developed my 'voice'. Hopefully, this time around, I can cultivate my own style and rediscover the joy of writing. It's been a long winter for me.

Latest Update: Feb/12/2024

Previously updated: Jan/17/2024

Waiting for Sunrise: Revised [COMPLETE]: After more than a decade of sitting on a thumb drive, I considered re-writing this story from scratch. However, shaky in how rusty my writing skills had become, and having had a bad case of writer's laryngitis, I decided to instead edit and revise the existing manuscript. While new content has been added, and some removed, there are paragraphs of the original still mostly intact. It's more of a restoration or renovation than a recreation or reimagining.

Thaumacti Trinity: Utterly dead. No desire to return to this one.

Poetry: Haven't felt very poetic. Funny how leaving adolescence does that.

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