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First of all, I am not from China. I just think that PenName is cool.

I'm 15. I'm Asian (not from China). I'm 5'3. And I think I'm short.

I kick ass. I sing. I dance. I write.

I eat and shop alot.

Music if my life.

I am quite predcitable. I think the creator of Grey's Anatomy is a genius.

And you just wasted a few seconds of your life you'll never get back reading this.

A/N: Sorry to all my readers but I have not updated my stories in ages because my laptop is going psycho and all my stories are in it. Bear with me while I re-write the new chapters ! Thanks. xoxo.

Current Stories

Complications of The Heart

EDITED and very, very different.

And once again, the title has been changed. It was originally 'Chris, Alex and I'. Then I changed it to 'Today, Tomorrow and Forever'. Now, it is changed... again. Hahaha.


EDITED as well!

And no longer on hold! XD

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