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Hey Everyone!!

Thank you to everyone who reads my stuff. I'm just starting out, so you may find my work a little rough, but stick with me. The more I write, the more I love it. Please feel free to review and/or message me. I appreciate all the feedback.

Washed Away, is the first in a series of mystery/romance novels set in Neosho, Missouri (one of my favorite places on earth). I live in Texas, but my best friend lives in Neosho. Washed Away has many anecdotes that relate specifically to our friendship and how it has grown over the years, but I try to describe them in a way that everyone will be entertained - not just myself and my friend. The part about the SEOMACs in Chapter One of Washed Away actually happened, and yes, we actually sang that song!

In my future stories in this series, I plan to bring in some people that my friend and I either loved or hated and make them either heroes, victims, or villains (depending upon how much my friend and I liked them). Basically, if we liked them, they are good guys; if we did not like them, they are either victims or villains!! That's how BBBob and Garret from Washed Away were created.

I do not give out real names in my stories, but usually the characters have similar names/personalities to real people in my life. Some of my characters are completely fictional, but are based on people I admire or just dream up. By the way, I don't personally know anyone who works in the Neosho Police Department (but I do have friends who are cops - love those guys!).

Cast Aside is the sequel to Washed Away. In Cast Aside, Alexa comes across a dead body on her way home from church one night. Since CC (Chief Chris - her boyfriend) isn't with her when she finds the victim, he automatically thinks she has run down a pedestrian. Then a new guy comes to town and vies for Alexa's affections - his name is Dougal MacGreggor. Oh yes, he's a Scot, and very cute. If the surname sounds familiar, it is because in Chapter 20 of Washed Away, I introduced his nephew, Liam MacGreggor. Liam is very interested in Tara, Alexa's daughter, so that should be fun. The villain and victim in this story are both acquaintances from my past, both JERKS! So, they get exactly what's coming to them!! That, my friends, is the power of fiction - waggles eyebrows.

Either way, sit back, read, and hopefully enjoy!

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