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First Name: Okay, i can give you this- Leah (otherwise known as Rosemarine)

Last Name: You don't need to know that, do you?

Love: bunnies,horses, drawing, writing, trees (no I don't hug them, I just think they're pretty), being awesome, and all my reviewers!!

Hate: people stealing my characters and plots. Celary, zuccini, squirrels, naked mole rats, cornell notes and people wasting their lives.

How do I look?: Fairly normal, short brown hair, and I don't get out to the mall much, so I wear hand-me-down clothes from my older sister, although that's not so bad because she had good taste

I'm 14, and writing's a fairly new thing for me. All my life, I've been stamped 'THE ARTIST' by all friends, relatives, and other random people. People ask, 'why are you so good at art?'Partly it's that I'm passionate about it and draw almost every day, partly because I've never assumed, like most people have,that I just stink at art, and good genes. Likewise, I also have good writing genes, and they've only recently jumped out of my head and onto paper.

I have the feeling I just caused a substantial number of people to dislike me...people get jealous of people who say or are good at drawing. I would know, because I do this all the time.

Fav Books: Harry Potter, Watership Down, Horton Hatches an Egg, Inkheart, and Lord of the Rings is good, I just don't have the patience for it

Fav Band: Switchfoot, Blue October, just in case you care for some strange reason

And just for the record, i AM a girl. I'm a bit of a tomboy maybe, but am undisputeably female. Just wanted to get that straight so we can have no further doubt...


I guess I had better give a breifing on my stories and poems so I can stop explaining things over and over.


Life is a Luscious Fruit: Brand new, fresh off the press, expectantly awaiting comments. Pretty self-explanatory and straight-forward. About tasting your life. I think it's pretty cool.

Life Cord: As you could probably guess, my inspiration for this was riding the bus to school and experiencing the addictive relief of your own personal music. There are some odd terminoligy here, and I may have been listening to too much Blue October when I wrote it, but I was essentially going for a beat, a rhythm that felt akin to music.

Upon the Rock: I wrote this a year ago; probably the first thing I ever wrote that was any good. As most of my writing is, it was inspired by what was around me- specifically my family and the hard times we had been going through

This One's For You, Dear Brother: My older brother is 17 and has Asperger's sydrome- an extremely mild form of autism that makes him socially retarded. We were best friends when we were kids, but because of this stupid little incident that should have been nothing, a chain reaction occurred that put up an impenitrable wall between us. This is a piece of myself that I wanted to share.


The Wooden Box: I originally wrote this for a contest at the county fair, so I was kindof rushing to cram the whole story into twenty pages. It's a cute story, just don't bother picking out the innumerable errors because I've had enough of that story and am never going to waste my time editing it. And you may notice I used the name Warren again in my other story, but I figured I was allowed to re-use material that I liked, and I liked the name Warren. Just fits well, or something. My writing's matured a LOT since then, so please don't judge my skills on this piece.

What Makes Me Human: okay, I honestly could not come up with a good title for this, and I don't know if it adequately describes it or not. It is the prolouge to Prejudice of Species, telling of Warren's (different Warren) childhood and explains some things that occur in the main story. Note that there is a large gap in between these two pieces, just because I felt the need to move on with the story. My writing is a little better here, just a little stiff.

Prejudice of Species: Here we go, this is the feature presentation, everybody. This is by far the longest thing I have ever written, and it is very close to being completed. I have it all written, just have to do a bit more editing and get it all up here. Stay tuned, the endings gonna be awesome! But, yes, I am very proud of this piece. But that dosen't mean you aren't allowed to flame me if the need arises. Any beneficial comments are most appreciated. Muchmuchmuch thanks to marjorievonnerdeck and her editing and faith in me and my writing.


please. . .?

And, I will return reviews, especially if you seem to have good stuff to say

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