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I've previous been on this site, but have disappeared for a while. I'm now returning and posting up my stories. I'm trying to get familiarize with the new guidelines to make sure my work is allowed. Until then you can also visit me on my site

The first story is an old one I first posted on fictionpress in 2003. It's called WYW and is available in my store here or you can read it here and on my website.

Also if you would like to discuss the stories, RP, or chat come to my new forum - World of Arvel.


1. Write a fanfic based in the WYW world using one (or more) characters in the story.

2. It can be any rating from everyday life to adult content. If you write adult content please remember to state that you are 18+.

3. Stories can be homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual, or non sexual. There are no limits to what type of story you can send, but I don’t like beastiality, guro, or shota and will not read them. So if you send me something like that I’ll probably just toss it.

4. By sending the fanfic to me you are stating that it is an original work by you set in my world. Since it is set in my world you cannot try sueing me because some of the ideas might be similar to my own stories. I am not held responsible for stories that are similar to sequels or other stories that might resemble some of the themes in the fanfics.

5. Submit all stories by June 30, 2009 to

6. Please format your stories so that there are a space between paragraphs for easing reading. Please use proper grammar, capitalization, and spelling. I understand mistakes, but if I can’t comprehend what I’m reading obviously I’m going to stop reading.

7. Info:

Please let me know if you would like the fic posted on the site or not.Please include this with the name you would like to be called. You do not have to include any personal information since I will only ask that from the winner in order to mail them their include an email address so that I can contact you.State that you are over 18 for any adult fics.

8. You can submit up to 2 stories. The stories have to be between 500-5000 words. Please nothing longer than that. Though you can submit a chapter of a longer WYW fanfic if you wish.

9. Have fun!

PRIZES: First Place Winner - A printed copy of WYW.

Second Place Winner - An pdf of WYW.

Remember! All winners fics will be posted on the site. Also, I might include another special prize. This is a maybe, but there might be another prize included for the winner.


Whatever You Want - Alex has a secret crush on Step's boyfriend. Unknown to Alex, Step finds out and sets a plan into motion. (Complete)

Just One Kiss - Kaye is cursed to fall in love with the first guy he kisses, but he has no intention of being gay. Can he beat the curse? (Complete)

Devil's Trill - (coming soon)

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