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My name is Cassi,
I'm 18 and though i should feel more alive than i ever have.
But I dont, I'm working on it though.

Music keeps me alive i think.
I sing in Chior
(second to the top level choir in my school,
not bad for being only my second year in choir here)
I play piano
(amazingly happy that next term
i will have an hour and a half a day to play piano!)
I have a bass guitar that i really need to get back to playing.
And a flute i need to fix so i can play again.
(I'd love to get a clarinet again. I enjoyed that too when i played)
I also listen to SOOOO much a variety of stuff.

I'm a country girl at heart. Love the outdoors and animals.
I'd love to have a farm some day,
3 dogs, 7 horses, a whole ton of chickens
I love being outdoors, in woods, streams, feilds,
even oddly enough, In cities.

I love people watching,
the psychology of people and society
and the affects of music.

I'd fall apart without my friends.
My daniellie is amazing,
she makes my day when i get emails from her
or get to see her.

I love reviews =)
just to know if someone liked it or not
or specifically what was good or bad.
I'd love them.
and i return the favor!


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