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"They say that kid has got...!"

:as of March 10, 2010:


Asia Ralaia Schiegoh's just a pen name, for those of you who were wondering. It'd be pretty intense if that were my true title, though, wouldn't it?


There is one of my dearest friends who have joined this unruly yet uplifting FictionPress site named Lady Alera Van Hexis, who has been a loyal follower of this story since those Gym Locker Days! Girl, you know Constantine would be nowhere without his sister. Let's not pretend, shall we (laugh)? And for those who were wondering: yes, this is the chick who inspired the character of Helemis Mother of the Heir.

There is another dear girl, known to the world as rouquinamour. New to the FictionPress deal is she, but stout and cheery of heart, more than willing to take constructive criticism. Quite personally I don't believe she nor Lady Alera Van Hexis need it, but one woman's opinion is another's debate. Already she has XIV (fourteen, people. C'mon, get wit it, dammit!) chapters of her debut novel Great Spirits: When The Earth Was Young, and I know it would lighten her heart (and Alera's!) if she could recieve some reviews for their wonderfulling compelling works.

You'd think it never stops, huh? Well, there's yet ANOTHER ladybug on my list of faves; the fantabulously astounding muse d'amour. She's from back-in-da-day with Lady Alera Van Hexis and rouquinamour, and (I know you're probably sick of hearing me say it) has been a loyal reader all up and around. The chick continually amazes me with her writing technique, and I often find myself (like, just two seconds ago, for instance...) using her works as a guide for myself. Like, she reminds me of literary uses, and sometimes just plain use of interesting plots.

And then there's savelovforrainydays, who is actually Priscilla. She hasn't posted anything up yet, but the moment she does, it might be a good idea for you to check her out!

Carolyn muhdeah! Known to FictionPress as Miriel Randir, she's got a few works coming up and on the way. Be sure to hit a white sistah up ASAP!!

I wonder if that made any sense...?

And there's more! My, what a fair surprise this one was, too. My girl Kaity K, the very ladybug that helped inspire such a (I think) work of art. Guess who she is...!

All in all, I'm glad she's been able to join our FictionPress fam. Hopefully there will be more, like Quigley, Colleen, and even Miriam. Brittany's name up here would look wicked nice, too, even though she might not write; she can just have an account to check our hott mess out!

By the way; if these ladybugs do ever join the FictionPress Fam, I'm hinting to all you readers that they do have roles. Or, perhaps I should say there are characters in MOTH or When a Vampire Takes a Mortal Bride inspired by them. Take Lady Alera Van Hexis for instance: the character I've shaped after her is Helemis San Deventi, Constantine's matron-like elder sister. A character not yet mentioned (but soon to be) is Lady Isabelle de Vereux, the lady of the Romano Vines coven, who was based upon dearest rouquinamour. And if I tell you who muse d'amour inspired, that'd kinda ruin a bit of the plot (smiles).

Also, I'd just like to leave a little room in here for the amazing author Mary Baker. I mean, like, I know she's never be a loyal reader of MOTH since the GMS days or anything, but girlfriend's always commenting the chapters. She's most certainly unafraid to give constructive criticism (which I most def appreciate) and is more than willing to offer her personal knowledge just so I'll better what I'm workin' with. Plus, she's just flat out sweet. So Mary hun, this little corner's for you!

Thanks so much for constructively criticizing my works, every last one of ya. It means so much! For those who wanna access me quickly with questions about the fiction works (particularly MOTH) or anything else, holla at a sistah at . I check my email every other day, so I'll do my absolute best to get back to ya with answers or whatever else. Enjoy the stories!


Mother of the Heir

A "vampire fic", as many like to put it nowadays. It's narrated in several POVs, but the most prominent is in first-person POV by a young woman on the day of her Sweet Sixteen as she drives to the McDonald's up the street. When she subconciously loses control of the van, "My feet letting go of the pedal... my fingers slid from the wheel...", and finds herself in bed with a beautiful stranger (a little cliche, I know), things are at first unbelievable. She sees the faces of childhood friends who no longer seem to recognize her; at least, not the way she intends for them to. And this stranger Adonis himself envies? He only seems to confuse her more and more as to whether or not this place is a dream or a sudden reality.

Author's Rating: M for Mature, seeing that dialogue and narration contains explicit language, gorey violence scenes, and content that only married people are supposed to be doing (giggle).

When a Vampire Takes a Mortal Bride

Yet another mortal adolescent is caught in the web of a vampire vs. vampire war. What she isn't aware of is that she, along with two others quite like herself, hold the secret to settling scores and delivering peace to all the world-- and to unlocking the keys of unprecedented mortal and immortal destruction.


So, for a little info on me? Well, if you can't already tell, my passion lies with the pen and my imagination.

Name: HA! Like I'll really tell you that one. For now, just refer to me as Asia Ralaia Schiegoh; or ARS, if you're lazy like me on occassion (smirk).

Age: 19

Sex: Mädchen (which means "girl" for those of ya who don't take Deutsch)

Ethnicity: I'm Black. BETTA RECOGNIZE! ;D -pats the hands of her variously-raced buddies- Y'all know I ain't that crazy...

Height: A solid 5 feet, believe it or not.

Weight: Why did I even offer to tell? Never ask a lady if she weighs 125 lbs. or not (smirk).

Zodiac: Scorpio, of course. How could I be anything else?

Shortcomings: I'm lazy, the queen of procrastination, and I have a tendency to be petrifyingly jealous. Luckily that golden man, my beautiful Suga.Bean, embraces them as the Queen of his that I am cliche "aaaaaw!" sounds

Favorite Cuisine: Soul Food (of course), Indian (wihouta doubt), and dessert =D

Favorite Movies: Wow, I've got quite a few. I think I'll need to copy and paste for this thing.

Favorite Buche: Judith Tarr's got a few good one's like White Mare's Daughter, Throne of Isis, and Shepherd Kings, as does Miriam Zimmer Bradely with Mists of Avalon and Lady of Avalon. But the biggest and the baddest is MICHELLE MORAN. Nefertiti and The Heretic Queen are my newest favorites!

Favorite Authors: Lady Alera van Hexis, Reyanna Vance (I've been reading her stuff since she was on Quzilla, and now she's got it published!), Carolyn Meyer, Catherine Coulter, Miriam Zimmer Bradley, Maria Falise, Michelle Moran and, of course, myself.

Memorable Quotes I Quite Simply Adore:

"You're so amazing it almost hurts my feelings"

"I don't know what to do, about this dream and you. (sigh) I wish this dream'd come true." ~ "Digital Love", Daft Punk

"Those I protect I do not love; those I fight I do not hate"~ JWM

"Break this bittersweet spell on me, lost in the arms of destiny." ~ "Bittersweet", Apocalyptica with Ville Valo and Lauri Ylönen

"And I wish you love for everyone else but me."~ "Again", by Tapping The Vein

"I don't live like they do, and I don't love like they do, but I don't hate like they do."~ "Cold (But I'm Still Here)", by Evans Blue

"Love is road that I wanna keep going. Life is the river I wanna keep flowin'. Love is the one now-and-forever, wonderful journey. I'll be here when the world stops turning, I'll be here when the storm is through. And in the end I wanna be standing at the beginning with you."

"Shiki No Uta."

"My love for you is complicatedly simple; can you say, 'half pain'?"

"Who can say how your heart cries when your love dies? Only Time."~ "Only Time", Enya

"What we do in life echoes in Eternity."

"She cries that life is like some movie in black and white. Dead actors faking lies... over and over and over again she cries..." ~"Hemmorhage", Fuel

"Music is worthless unless it can make a complete stranger break down and cry" ~ "Dumbing Down of Love", FrouFrou

"Baptized in the river, I've seen a vision of my life and I wanna be delivered. In the city was a sinner; I've done a lot of things wrong, but I swear I'm a believer."~ "The River", Good Charlotte featuring M. Shadows & Synyster Gates from Avenged Sevenfold

"To the Praying Mother and the Worried Father; let your children go. If they come back they'll come home stronger. And if they don't, you'll know." ~ "The River", Good Charlotte featuring M. Shadows & Synyster Gates from Avenged Sevenfold

"Every little thing she does is magic... even though my heart before was tragic, now I know my love for her goes on."~ "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magi", Sting & The Police

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