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Her name isn't important


She's the realest person you'll ever meet

everything about her is fake

she knows she writes like shit

but she keeps doing it anyway

she knows that love isn't real

but she falls for it every time

she's emo, she's scene, she's goth, she's punk, shes nerdy, she's preppy, she's everything and nothing all at once

she's reallyfuckingconfused

she's ME


I'm so far gone now I've been running on empty I'm so far gone now Do you wanna take me on?

~~~The Used~~~

I came here for something and I'm not turning back now
A calm piece of mind but you still hold my keys.
Keeping my fate deep within your threshold.
Petty inconveniencebut it means the world to me.

You havethe power

To set me free.
Caught in your grasp, how?
Just let me be.
Give me control out
Out of these depths
A fiery hell
I pray for death

~~~Avenged Sevenfold~~~~

I dont want the world to see me

(cause I dont think that they'd understand)

well everything's made to be broken

i just want you to know who i am

I've been the wrong one, time and time again
Now, I'm on my knees, forgive me please

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