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...Loves the rain.Hates the heat.Your typical writer chick. Moody & Sensitive.Like-able as well.Too nice for my own good. Bitchy at times. Gonna jump in to save a friend.Loyal to the core. Energetic. Hyper. Coffee lover. Chocoholic. Ice-cream fan. loves hot chocolate.Hates Coursework/Homework/Back-stabbers/Wanna-bes. LOves to read, write, listen to music and draw. Facebook and MSN addict. Not to mention mannie. Detests racist people/traffic jam/being sick/computer viruses and people killing each other.Enjoys shopping/meeting new people/making friends/good jokes and having fun.Doesnt enjoy being made a fool of...


making friends..reading..WRITING..listening to music..playing with my baby cousin..photos..helping people..watching tv..drawing..sleeping in..staying up late..being random..watching people..making jewellery..rainy days..and a bunch of other wierd things..

Favourite Books:

To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee, Lola Rose by Jaqueline Wilson, The After Life by Daniel Ehrenhaft, A Little Princess by Frances H. B. , Angels and Demons , The DaVinci Codeand Digital Fortress by Dan brown, Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, Mates and Dates series(they're funny), Sherlock Holmes , anything by Agatha Christie, The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans, The Hot Kid by Elmore Leonard, California Girl by T.Jefferson Parker, Pirates! by Celia Rees, Midnight Magicby Avi, The Angel's Command by Brian Jaques, and a bunch of the Meg Cabot books as well...

Favourite Things:

chocolate..brownies..ice cream..my iPod(my inanimate bestfriend)..my computer(2nd bestfriend)..good books..my phone..coke(i hate pepsi)..cheese..pizza..colour pencils..binders(yes, i have a weakness for binders)..my DVDs..my stuffed snake..my pencil case(it fits everything)..my silver ring with the letter 'M' on it..the earrings i made the other day..achar..fireworks..my watch..other random things i own..


waking up early..IB extended essay..exams..projects..cold water..hot and humid days..people who annoy me..sprite(hate that stuff)..boring books..making mistakes..

Fave Subjects:

i love english lit. but i'm also a math freak...go figure!

People I'd Like To Thank:

this list is pretty long, but thanks to all the awesome people out there who help me get through each and everyday.

thats all for now!!

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