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Hello! You can call me Niek. I promise, I am not writing myself in as a character in my book. She's an entity all her own. I've just always used the name as my internet alias. I guess to prove it, a little info about myself is in order.

I'm an English Major, though I'm currently taking a little break from school to get my affairs in order. I'm a lover of the Enlightenment all the way through to the Victorian era. Big chunk of time, I know. I use to write every day, mainly in the form of online roleplays, but I stopped and so did my story writing. But now, I'm back and updating regularly. At least once a week, but sometimes multiple times a week. I mostly do fantasy, but short stories and poetry can be about nearly anything.

I'm also a huge gamer and right now, I'm playing something called League of Legends when I'm not writing. It's a great online, free to play, PVP, team game. If you're interested in checking it out, here's a link.


I also wanted to also take a moment to point out my wonderful cover for The Keeper Chronicles. I did not make it, but with the author's permission I use this image and I just wanted to share her wonderful gallery as thanks. Keep in mind, though, the the picture is not directly affiliated with my story. The link is below.


The Keeper Chronicles

This was originally going to be a rewrite of a short story from high school. I was going to rewrite it and make it about the futility of the gods and how, even in the most perverse situations, no amount of praying will help you. You have to be the person to help yourself. But, as I started to write it, I felt a unique opportunity. Niek has been a character in my head for years and I decided to use this as a vehicle for her introduction. The accidental negative side effect is that Niek is an entirely fleshed out person that I could drop into any situation and know what she would. Because Velry was originally going to be a throw away character, I don't have a good handle on her yet.

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