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As you can see, I got annoyed with my previous profile and scrapped it. Oh well, C'est la vie.

Moving on, NEW PROFILE

It's amazing, I updated something. Isn't it curious what the effects of having to do things for uni has on totally unrelated subjects? I should be working on a draft, instead I'm changing my profile.

Procrastinate? Me? Never...

Well I'm currently a student at QUT Kelvin Grove studying a bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Creative and Professional Writing XD ( and I plugged this site to my tutor, so cross your fingers that she passes it on)


a drama queen
master procrastinator

My name is Sarah, I'm loud and happy, I'm friendly and tactile, I'm Bi and I don't care if you think that liking other girls is wrong or unnatural. Get in line, the people who don't like me line is right next to the dumpster. Have fun.

Give me a chance, and I'll give you one.

Flame me if you want, it'll only hurt for a little while. But please please please, at least tell me why. Just don't go "this sucks, you're horrible" and move on, GIVE ME SOMETHING TO WORK WITH!!

If you ever want a Beta reader to go over your work, drop me a line, I'm waaay more reliable when I'm doing things for other people than I am for when I'm doing things for myself.

Also, if you have an ellusive plot bunny that keeps hiding in dark corners and won't come out to play that you just want written, also feel free to pass it my way. I like bunnies XD

Except for ones that are part of 'Pelt the Rabbit in his big white face', the brother especially.

"You know it's gonna hurt sometimes, you know it's gonna bleed sometimes"
-The Killers

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