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ha ha yes i am dominating the web!! muhahaha!! ok maybe not but soon..


hehe i haven't decided if it will be called vampires oath or vampires love yet soo... i will be posting a it on here shortly it will be exciting it will be origional and sexy, hot and dangerous!! yes it will be great i have only a half a chapter written currently but im working on writing alot more and being loved!!


~~why is it that everyone is after her, why is she so special? having killed her old master and fled only to be picked up by a mysterious man that has no weakness, Slayn is not afraid of the light or garlic and he cannot die. with a sad past and may lost friends he is only alive for one purpose-- to find HER -- she is the key to many things but they can only be together if the light permit it and if unharmed by the only man that Slayn must submit to and never disobey~~

Waku Doki Yaoi

YOAI! Boy x boy SLASH!...anything that falls into that category.. from ordinary people to vampires to virtual beings... containing lemons/limes ~giggles~ so if ya know of any good ones let me know!! ~wink wink~ ~cheers~

Anyways Starchip13 from fanfiction still has my soul so it i go ramdonly emo or anything else on you all its her fault!! hehehe

Mee's Love anime and manga, i love to draw and write so... plus in mentally insane beware.

Great stories by selected others are as follows from other sites. Reyanna, pulling.a.patches and starchip13 all at /users/(Name)/quizzes

Starchip13 also resides at www.fanfiction.net and lil_pix at so you can check them out as well.!!

Yes i love to give credit to wonderful writers!! so if your good and want to be on my list!! heh heh let me know about ur story and ill decide :P ~laughs menicenly~


P.S. I am a Narutard!!! lol


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