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Wonderful characters spark the imagination. The stories from a series inspires us humble writers to create what we would like to see happen, but we do give full credit to the original owners. And did I mention I'm a real sucker for an action/romance ? Favorite couples include:

- Vegita & Bulma (DBZ)
- Wufei & Sally (Gundam Wing)
- Kunzite & Minako (Sailor Moon)
- Kurt & Kitty (X-Men Evolution)
- Harry & Hermione (Harry Potter - Yeah, that's right !)
- Kyou & Tohru (Fruits Basket)
- Tidus & Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

Though I'm VERY up for ALTERNATE COUPLES though ! Like Enishi & Kaoru (Rurouni Kenshin), Duo and Relena (Gundam Wing) and Vincent and Tifa (Final Fantasy VII). My supreme favorite is SEIYA & USAGI !

Click on the website link above to visit me at my Seiya shrine ^_^

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