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Howdy hey, folks. It's been a while. I've been going tough a rough patch mentally, after being hospitalized and medicated, and have been enduring a nasty case of writers block, undoubtedly because of the soul-suppressing medication they've put me on. That block has apparently broken, and some of my inspiration has returned. Look forward to Chapter Two of Triangular Prism, as that is the tale I am currently weaving. Glad to be back.


Stuff which will appear in the future.

Torment - Azrael Templeton is an author who has just created his masterpiece : A supernatural thriller about an interdimensional, mind-controlling demon who attacks the minds of thousands in the shadows. However, so immersed is he in the mind of his character, that it begins to possess him. A split personality is born, one that dons the namesake and persona of his infamous antagonist. As those he love are targetted and mentally torn apart by the demon personality, Azrael fights for the surface of his mind, and his talents as a writer, allowing him to empathize and understand his characters, may be his only weapon.

Long Division - A protestor is locked up inside his mind and given hundreds of split personalities by the government he protests against. Personalities that actively steal his personality, life, and every woman that his heart has ever beat for. Can he make it to the surface of his mind and bring the government that persecuted him to justice? There's only... 1000 split personalities to cut through.

The Compass Wars - Predating the events of Time's Decay/Pages of Nightmare, the continent is plunged into War by the discrimination and hatred of the Dragon King Krimsoth, who in the midst of the chaos, sires a child. A child he orders killed for it's deformity. A deformity which gives the hatchling the wings, body and head of a dragon, and the body of a man. The Dragon Queen Desola, instead of tossing the child from the cliffs of Krimsoth's Peak, takes it to be raised by the Archimage Umbrin, resulting in her death at the hands of Krimsoth. The hatchling, Otharg, dedicates his life to ending the tyrannical reign of his father, and the uniting of the people's of Terras, training his body and mind for a final confrontation with the Dragon King.

ABSOLUTE ZERO : Enter Lyle Dealy, underachieving stoner, (At least, he's an underachiever in the eyes of those damn non-stoners) and all around chilled out dude. After an epic confrontation with his schools principal, resulting in his dropping-out, Lyle's up shit creek without a paddle. Until his Uncle gets him a job at a Toronto research laboratory, run by one Paul Cutler, as the janitor. Lyle's content with his job, if not his boss Cutler, a pompous pony-tailed nerd who has been working on the theory that both light and darkness are actually forms of matter that can be harnessed in much more intricate ways than solar-power. The two bicker back and forth, one believing in the powers of nature, spirituality and happiness, the other in science, processes and technology. Eventually, their confrontations explode as Lyle outdebates Cutler in front of several other important scientists. Enraged and humiliated at an intellectual defeat at the hands of a stoner, Cutler, using his newest device, the Umberator (A cannon which breaks down inanimate objects into Shadowmatter, with the intent to eventually cause humans to be able to travel through darkness) Cutler attempts to murder Lyle by dissolving his particles, believing that since all the inanimate test subjects beforehand could not be reassembled, the same would apply to a human. However, since Lyle has a higher conciousness than say, an office chair, he is able to reassemble himself after Cutler leaves him for dead, and is now ingrained with the ability to dissolve into shadows at will. What would any self-respecting stoner do when given such abilities? Become a superhero.

Currently Untitled (Suggestions?) - An activist is targeted by the government for his protests, and has dodged several assassination attempts and is impossible to discredit. Finally, he is busted for a minor marijuana charge and imprisoned for a week, yet, due to a processing "error", he is sent to maximum security, where several inmates have been paid to murder him. So, despite his short sentence, his fellow hippies and protestors must devise a scheme to break him out of Kingston Penitentiary before he expires, getting high, uncovering conspiracies, and outsmarting prison guards, bureaucrats and corrupt special agents along the way.

Pocahantas, A Modern Reimagining - The citizens of an Ontario Indian Reservation decide to go back to their roots, cutting off from the rest of society and choosing again to live off the land and reverting back to their old traditions. The federal government, however, is not pleased with this decision, as it might inspire other tribes and reservations to follow suit. They send in Agent John Smith, posing as a white man who wants to live their lifestyle, to sabotage their efforts. However, he finds himself falling in love, not only with their pure and natural lifestyle, but with the chief's daughter. Eventually, he severs ties with his organization, confessing to the people his governments plans, and makes himself and the reservation a target.

Alternate - A story of the strangest sleeping disorder known not only to man, but to any being who dwells within the unlimited spider-web strands of our universe. Our hero wakes up every day to find himself in a different dimension. No home, no real identity. No time to recollect. No sense of belonging. Every day a dream or a nightmare. What will tomorrow hold? He doesn't know. But he'll be ready. He fucking has to be.

In Memoriam

I could not claim to support the causes I do if I did not devote as much space and words as possible to those who deserve it most. The fallen heroes. Every voice who has been silenced by the corrupt. The men and women of peace and freedom who met with a bullet, insanity or imprisonment instead of the realization of their dreams. Their numbers are countless, and perhaps we will never know all their names, or all their stories, but they exist. The government is capable of sick fucking things. Ritalin is the proof of that. If they will force-feed legions of children mind-destroying drugs, what's blowing up a couple towers? What's programming innocent people to murder and do things they would never have done? What's starting wars not to find weapons of mass destruction, but to control oil and stomp out countries of opposing political and religious beliefs? What's assassinating people? Nothing. Not to those who run our world and favor the dollar and robotic order over the heart and soul. So we must remember, that despite our own suffering, there are those who have payed a greater price. Not just soldiers, but those who were silenced in our own backyards. They are those who breathe no more, think no more, and love no more, all so a corrupted system can maintain it's own sick, obese existence. May they have found beautiful worlds beyond this one. And though many have died in obscurity, may we remember that they have died, even if we never know their names or faces. Let us remember the freedom they died for, and allow their concept to live forever.

"Freedom is the ability to say that two plus two equals four." - George Orwell, '1984'.

Al Quotes

"When you strive to be superior to another, you will always be inferior."

"It is better to suffer and die for what is right than to live contentedly for what is wrong."

"If this world does not torture you, you're not brave enough."

"Without hatred of evil, there can be no love of good."

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