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Good day, I bid thee, traveler.

Welcome to my humble parlour of wandering stories and childish fantasies. A cup of tea? Cream? Sugar?

Ah yes, one cannot serve tea through a screen, my mistake. I apologize.

Then, what is your business here, traveler? Stories? I have many of those. Morbid, tragedy, comedy, science fiction... Take your pick. It is always a pleasure to see new faces. Perhaps you would allow me to know your thoughts about my little works? I'd be much obliged. After all, it is not easy for one to spot the flaws in one's work, however meticulous one may be. Here, have a pen, a paper. I promise I will pen a thank you note. It is polite after all, no?

Well now, truthfully? This is but one of my various accounts. I have two for reviewing other's works, two for writing, this being the main one. I enjoy creating accounts, I do it every now and then when I am bored. The only drawback being, I can never remember the passwords. But enough of my personal problems, the stories, ah yes, my little children. Each and every story I write is precious to me, therefore, I give everything I have into it, and hope for the best. It saddens me when people drop back to look at my children, and then walk away without a single word.

It saddens me and pains my fragile heart.

Alas, time grows short, and I really should not be taking up your time by mindless ramblings. Please, do take your time. After all, reading is for entertainment, a hobby of sorts, one should not rush those, it is bad for your health.

Before I leave...

Warning: While I may tolerate constructive criticism, I have no tolerance whatsoever towards flamers. I myself do not flame, if you think a story is bad, the least you can do is inform the writer just why it is bad, not throw large words and demean them. That is just rude. That said, if anyone wants a serious tongue lashing with words dripped in acid lugged in their general direction, I'll be much obliged to indulge. It gives my inner Wrath a sense of freedom and practice for my future as an attorney.

Have a good day, traveler. Till we meet again.


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