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A Few Factoids About J.M. Raconteur:

-J.M. Raconteur is a 16-year-old male who resides in the middle of California

-J.M. Raconteur enjoys writing poems and short stories more than any other type of work. He generally has a preference towards prose but has been in a bit of a poetry mood lately.

-J.M. Raconteur is just getting around to writing his profile thingy after many many moons of having an account on FictionPress

-J.M. Raconteur organized this profile in a bulleted format because it's far easier for most people to pay attention when they see things in short fragments, as opposed to big daunting masses of uninterrupted text. Which is sad. But still something he understands.

-J.M. Raconteur is writing this profile thing in third person merely because it makes him sound like more of an entire immense entity, as opposed to a lowly dweeb sitting at a computer

-J.M. Raconteur promises to do his very best to reply to any PMs sent to him (now that he's figured out how PMs work) and in fact welcomes them highly.

-J.M. Raconteur is aware that the true definition of factoid is something that isn't true but widely thought by the masses to be true, not a brief fun fact. J.M. Raconteur appreciates the irony that the definition of the word factoid has in itself become a factoid

-J.M. Raconteur finds it very upsetting that his story "Feelings" has been viewed 870 times but commented zero times.

-J.M. Raconteur is done writing this profile and bids you a fine farewell.

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