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Underground Constellation

Dice Darwin

This is D2, creator of the Underground Constellation.

I've formed this group because I wanted to be able to connect with other good writers. I'm hoping we can learn from each other and improve together. I'm planning on posting stories here instead of on my solo account. I've needed a change of pace for a while now, and this is a good time for it.

I'm known as an action writer, though I can do more than that. I've written a few fight scenes for other people, but I'm pretty much done doing that. I grew tired of describing once long battle after another, so I've changed my style. I also write a little poetry from time to time, depending on how inspired I am.

If you find yourself wanting to join this group or having any questions, just e-mail me at dicedarwin06@ or PM me on my solo account and I'll get back to you.

YJanZ- Providence

That's YJan-sama to you, mortal! lol, it's me aka Mitternacht the leader(?) of aka Meteor-Infinity . As usual, I'm pushing myself to the point of human sanity by joining more groups and writing projects. Hopefully I'll get to help Dice and the other members here, so wish me luck! Like Dice, I need a change of pace so expect more romance/humor stories compared to my usual action. Kidult for life, aka Mitternacht!


Hey there, this is Outlaw-2, now a member for this group! Well, this was rather unexpected for me to join another team, but the heck, why not? I received a name for myself as the sadistic writer, psychotic writer, and even 'I dare you' writer. The reason was simple; I dare to write elements that many would feel uncomfortable of. What topics you say? I'm afraid you'll have to find out yourself.

Of course, if you guys can't take such violence and disturbing gore, I, too, cater to those who need some humour, and even racing! So yeah,expect me to be a blast here. It would be better if there were any tomboy girls around here. Oh well, but like I said, it's good to be here! XD


Hey people, this is Relix, the latest member here at UC. I didn't ever expect Dice to invite me to UC but here I am! This is the first group I have ever been here on FictionPress. While I usually sound serious... I am not in the least bit serious, but I always like to keep this "Professional" look all over me =P. I am a very weird writer, as I prefer to write in Present Tense, use as many little details as I can and I let the dialogue be the one that allows the story to flow, using as little narrating as I can (Dice scolded me on this, haha). It's like my special style of writing and I love it, but of course I'll improve it so people like it.

My favorite style of writing is ACTION stories with as much action and fighting as possible while keeping a nice plot. I have this weird tendency to use Clichés so spare me a little with those, though I usually give those clichés a original twist. I have been writing for well over 7 years now, and have written small plays for the High School I was in some two years ago. Currently I am working on a Manga along a friend, expanding my blook and writing as much as I can possibly can, while planning my first "published" book.

I hope to help all I can here in UC, and I know I will have a blast working here! Thanks for the opportunity Dice, and Hi to all the other members (which I still haven't met =P).

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