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Andy Anderson PM
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I am a visionary, an artist, a daydream believer.

I would risk my life for a Chai Latte.

I admit the corporations are evil,

Yet I admit to being a mindless consumer.

I don't mind long plane flights,

So long as they take me somewhere else.

Hate me all you want,

I will never hate back.

My most popular work on FictionPress by far is probably Von Dammsel in Distress. Please take a look and review, and don't forget to read the rest of my stuff as well.

P.S. I've always fantasized about receiving fanart for my original characters from other artists. If anybody feels the need to do fanart for me, well... you're free to have at it.

20 August 2008.
Today's mood: Antsy

Today's food: Sub-par enchiladas from Maudie's in Austin.

Okay, everyone, you may notice the severe lack of Oh Great, Another Vampire Story. "LE GASP," you might say! "Where have Lisette, Lucas, Alphonse, Incubus and all of the others gone?!" Well, my little chickadees, I've officially FINISHED the story (yay for me) and I am majorly editing it to start submitting to agents, so... no Roseblood brothers for you. Le sob... but don't worry, I'll keep you posted on its status. You can still check out my new, not-so-sexy Myspace (keep in mind it's mostly a networking Myspace for my art) here.

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