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Just for the record the name has nothing to do with the Olympics or swimming It was the dorm I lived in my freshman year at college, and I have many fond memories.

As for my stories, well they are definitely in progress. . I don't mind flames, so long as they're constructive. My thought is that they help me to improve my story. Umm pretty much on permanent writers block with my first story, if anybody wants it, the Jake and Katrina one, just give me a little credit and its yours.

If you leave me a non-anonymous review, I will try to return the favor. I will at the very least send you a reply.

Thanks for visiting my profile, if you have any ideas for the first story, let me know. If its a good suggestion, you can have a brownie.

~Phelps 112

Ps. Looking for an old story, I think it was called Sajin's Mate. I am really looking for the sequel, something about Patton, but I don't remember the name, and I can't seem to find the first story either. PM me if you know anything. Thanks

pps Also looking for a book, I thought was by Linda Lael Miller, called Rule's Woman, but can't find it anywhere, pm if you know of anything.

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