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I am taking way too long with this story. =/
But, updates. Anyhow, Firsts was last updated on the 12th of last month. The next update will probably come in a month? I'm so sorry it's taking so long but I'm going to be very busy for the rest of the year. However, I assure you that I will finish this story by the time the year is up. I have had a couple of ideas recently but they all seemed too.. well, empty.

Still, there's this particular storyline that's kinda stuck in my head. We'll see how that turns out. 140 reviews already. :D Thanks.


Chapter 5 of Firsts is up and 73 reviews so far! :D You might notice that I now have a homepage. I've yet to create an actual page for my character profiles and such, but currently, my homepage is linked to my blog. If you'd like to keep up to date on what I've been doing and my progress on Firsts, feel free to follow my blog. Also, you could always leave a note of encouragement or a little urging on in my blog if my chapters come out too late.

Well, I just wanna thank everyone for their support and reviews as I write.


Hello, my beautiful prettyful people! I've gotten 33 reviews for Firsts already. :) YAY!
I'll update Chapter 4 the moment I hit 35. I'm in the process of writing it now, actually. Anyways, thank you so much for reading, reviewing, alerting, and favoring.


Hey! I'm back on again. There's a new story up, Firsts. I'm going to finish it before I return to CYLM. Please give it a shot. If you read it, please review. Thanks.


I'm Malaysian and fifteen years old. I've been writing for five years. Ever since I was young, I was drawn to romance stories and fantasy ones. Those are my favourite genre.

I'm an avid reader and is always looking for books or fiction to read. Drop by recommendations if you can. If you review my work and would like to be reviewed in return, drop a note at the bottom of the review and I'll get right on it.


Dyen of a New Nazzer (DNN) - complete

Dyen and Nazzer have known each other since birth with Nazzer being a few hours older. Their parents are close and they are constantly mistaken for a couple. They both get sent to Etiqutte Camp and Dyen starts to get confused about her feelings for Nazzer. Who knew first love could be so weird?

Bubblegum Pop (ONESHOT) - complete

He hated Casey Ridges. But he couldn't stop staring at her.

Could You Love Me? - in progress

Two orphaned children leave the orphanage to find their place in the world. Romance was inevitable. But.. will they fall in love with each other?

Firsts - in progress

They say you never forget your firsts. And Christopher Chase, I never forgot you.

Zoey - discontinued (soon to be taken down)

Samantha Jane Drewell is just 14 but has already handled problems most adults haven't. Her mother is a drunk, unemployed, emotional wreck. Her father is dead. She was just getting used to her life when a boy from her school starts taking an interest in her and suddenly, her life is out of control all over again.

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