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»10;3;08; Awesome.

I have just posted chapter two of Druggie (titled Druggie) and I'd say it's purteh darn good! Took me a surprising amount of time to write three pages, though. Ah well, I just hope someone bothers to read it.

» Pros;

Lemons, Muse(!), techno, Royksopp, alternative rock, the Shins, TMBG, stripes, vests, fedoras, hats, ties, technology, classic literature, Little Brother, all colors except purple, rain, rainy-days-and-movie-with-a-friend situations, bright colors, combat boots, snow boots, eyeshadow, cropped hair cuts, hello kitty, bottlecap pins, CANDY, irises (eyes), coffee, tea, Harry Potter books, Narnia books, newest Doctor Who series, snakes, cats, zucchini bread, The Postal Service, sugar, dots, buttons

» Cons;

Video games, massive quantities of TV » says the computer addict «, boring irises, posers, emonuts, over dramatic situations, poor grammar/spelling, twizzlers, pop, heavymetal, goodbyes, intense cold, intense heat, fanfiction, rap, rip-offs, little brothers at the age of 11, divorces, the inability to remember one's dreams, hypocrisy, depression, the s-word, loneliness, communism, yappy dogs, little brothers at the age of 12, dating but happily married parents, prejudices, dogs in general, actually...

» Quotes;

"I am the antagonist of my own life," Me, consoling a friend

"Holy fucking rabbis, the barbies have gone insane!" Ashley, Sin23

"The beauty of art is you can scrape a handful of fresh grass across a piece of paper and people will adore it," Me, marvelling

"We should get totally drunk people to comment on our Meeps bars. Either really drunk or really high," Me, loving hysterical comments

"Do you need anything moistened or...made soggy..?" Moist, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

"I'm going to have to go with ow," JD, Scrubs

"Three cavemen see a stranger running toward them with a spear. One fights, one flees, one smiles and invites him over for fondue. That last guy didn't last long enough to procreate," House, House

"I can't. It's too...underneathy," Zorak, referring to the impossibility of watching his mouth

"Backerj. Backetj. Backetj. Ridiculous," Allis and her typos (she uses an iPod touch most of the time)

"..And exhale, releasing the buttocks to drift away," Yoga teach, during a relaxation exercise

"The world moves for love. It bows before it in awe," Edward Walker, The Village

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