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i can be really harsh sometimes. i'm not afraid to tell you the truth about your writing. i dont flame, thats just pointless, i'm just saying dont be surprized if you feel like crying after reading one of my reviews. i tell you whats bad about your writing, and i'm not saying my stuff is all that great either. i'm not perfect and neither are you. you should be surprized on the other hand, if i give you a kind review. either its my time of the month or you wrote something special. i'm just warning you here though. i'm never sympathetic. never. you've got a fever, i'll tell you your poem sucks. that might not have been the best example, but i'm just saying. sorry in advance, but thats not going to change how i feel about how you write. also, i'd like to note, that i'm not going to find every little fault in your writing and point it out to you so you feel misrable. I feel people should be congradulated too. just so you know and arent completely surprised by your soon to be depression. deal with it.

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