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Joined Jan '07

Hello fellow lurker.
I have a couple of things to say.

1) If you review my story, I will review yours.

2) I love winter and wish terribly that I were in Norway right now.

3) I want a monkey, do you?

4) I'm crazy, yes, I know.

4) Oops, I can't count properly. No wonder I'm failing math.

6) If I could be a journalist or a professional writer, that would be great.
But I know my writing isn't that good so I was hoping people on this site would help improve my not-so-great writing skills.

7) I will love you forever if you bought me a dog.
Preferably a German Shepherd but anything would do. Just not a poodle. Please, not a poodle.

8) The Wizard of Oz was the freakiest movie ever invented.
Traumatized for life.

9) My favourite colour is blue, but clothing wise I like black and red.

10) My advice of safety - use protection dammit!

Favourite Authors: Stephen King, Anne Rice, Sara Douglass, Thomas Harris, J.R.R Tolkien, Edgar Allen Poe, John Grisham, George Orwell, Stephenie Meyer etc.

Favourite Artists/Bands: Cradle of Filth, Slipknot, Bullet for my Valentine, Linkin Park, The Stiletto Formal, Rise Against, Anti-Flag, Billy Talent, Three Days Grace, Deathstars, Dimmu Borgir, Trollfest, Lacuna Coil, Marilyn Manson, 3 Inches of Blood, Chiodos, Mortiis, System of a Down, etc.

Favourite TV Shows: House, Desperate Housewives, What Not To Wear, America's Next Top Model, The Simpsons, South Park etc.

Favourite Movies: Lord of the Rings trilogy, Saw trilogy, Star Wars, Sin City, Phone Booth, V for Vendetta, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (new ones and originals), Final Destination, Cry Wolf, Derailed, Bend it like Beckham etc.

Saturday, December 15th, 2007 - Whoa I haven't been on this site in ages! Anyhow, in the past couple of months that I've been gone, I haven't really had any inspiration on what to write about. I'll start something, but get fed up and bored with it halfway through. Right now I'm in the process of starting a story which I think has potential (but what author doesn't think their story has potential?) so hopefully that'll be up soon.

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