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Fanart: Hypothetically Being: Jesse and Matt by Magalina. Jesse by Oki3xDoki3. Blind Yourself: Steven and Arthur and Arthur and Steven by Oki3xDoki3. Arthur by Nucleardegus. Arthur by Cracked Butterfruit. Steven by eVil-uNicorns.

Coming Soon(ish):

Fairies and Queens: (Slash) Paper carrier Simon joins the street cast of a medieval faire to meet belly dancers and sexy pirates, not annoying, inescapable fairy boys named War. First person present, rated M, Romance, in romance category.

Slicing Purple Oranges: (Slash) Blake always said he’d never be caught dead near a fag...until some smartass decided to kill him. Now he's forced to haunt a gay bar. Yeah. Not funny. And falling in love with his probable murderer...that's not funny either. Third person past, rated M, supernatural/mystery, in romance category.

Tentative: (Slash) So he CLAIMS to be from a future in which gay men are executed on principle. Maybe it's not the best idea to trust him, but as long as he doesn't figure out I'M gay, it shouldn't matter. He needs my help. First person past, rated T, General, in romance category.

--I'll be writing two stories at a time, so once I finish one of the ones I have now, I'll choose one of these to start working on. You can vote on which one you'd like to see next: see the poll at the top of this page.

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