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Greetings ladies, gentlemen and variations thereupon! you have reached the profile of Voldy's Worst Nightmare! If you wish to remain sane, i wouldn't recommend reading on. If your name is Jack Harkness, do not read on if you value your life! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

anywho, welcome to my profile!

favourite saying:

the more you study the more you learn, the more you learn the more you forget, so why study?

favourite artists:

oh boy, where do i begin? Cara Dillon, Evanescence, Eva Cassidy, Guns'n'Roses, Ciara, Cassie, Hailey Westanra, Shakira, Christina Agulaira (sp?), Beyonce, Leona (first woman to win the X-factor, go Leona! woo!) and i don't know how many more that i can't remember the names of.

about me

i live in my house, i go to school, i have a family and i have friends.

wasn't that interesting?

actually about me

name: Nothing whatsoever to do with you

nicknames: i said nothing to do with you so why do you want to know?

pets: 3 dogs, a cat and i don't know how many fish we have or even if we have any in our pond thanks to the cat. now 2 dogs and one can because the eldest died 23rd september 2009.

age: somewhere between 1 and 100

random quotes

"when life gives you lemons, throw them back and laugh" inheritence forums, a person's signature.

"When life gives you lemons, find someone with a papercut!" my friend once when we were hyper :P

"you know, i really like nuts. nuts? nuts? i love nuts. peanuts, walnuts any kind of nuts. they drive me crazy. crazy? crazy? i was crazy once. they locked me in a big white room. i loved that room. i DIED in that room. they buried me six feet underground. there were two flowers there. one grew up, one grew down. they drove me nuts. nuts? nuts? i love nuts..." once again, inheritance forums. a person's signature.

"right, now we need a name...


works for me!" Aachen trip, my sister went there.

"if you think i'm crazy now, you should see me when i have a suger high!" me.

"you laugh at me because i'm different, i laugh at you because you're all the same" Art teachers class room roof, on the inside. she lets people draw on it in year 11.

"stop reading the ceiling and get on with your work!" also in art teachers classroom.

"yes, i know i'm crazy... live with it." me.

"and now for the news... THE DEAD WALK THE EARTH!" Corpse Bride.

"Aragorn: I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of men fails; when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship; but it is not this day--an hour of wolves and shattered shields as the age of Men comes crashing down--but it is not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good earth--I bid you stand! Men of the West!"

"Pippin: I didn't think it would end this way...

Gandalf: End?... No, the journey doesn't end here. Death is just another path...One that we all must take. The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all changes to silver glass...And then you see it.

Pippin: What? Gandalf?...See what?

Gandalf: White shores... And beyond. The far green country under a swift sunrise.

Pippin: Well, that isn't so bad.

Gandalf: No...No it isn't."

"Theoden: ...Forth and fear nodarkness!... Arise, arise, Riders of Theoden! Spears shall be shaken, shields shall be splintered...A sword day, a red day 'ere the sun rises!... Ride now, ride now, ride, ride for ruin and the world's ending!... Death!

Rhohirrim: Death!

Theoden: Death!

Merry: Death!

Eowyn: Death!

Theoden: Death! Forth Eorlingas!... Charge!"

"Gimli: I never though I'd die fighting side by side with an elf

Legolas: How about side by side with a friend?

Gimli: Aye. I could do that."

"Gimli: That's a thing unheard of. An elf go under ground, when a dwarf dare not? I'll never hear the end of it."

"Elizabeth Swann: There will come a moment when you have a chance to do the right thing.

Jack Sparrow: I love those moments...I like to wave at them as they pass by."

"Gimli:Nobody tosses a dwarf."

"Gimli: Toss me.

Aragorn: What?

Gimli: I can not jump such a distance. Toss me. One more thing, don't tell the elf.

Aragorn: Not a word."

"Gimli: Couldn't you have picked a better spot?

Gimli: What's going on out there?

Legolas: Would you like me to describe to you? Or shall I go find a box?

Gimli: Heh heh heh"

"Faramir: And who are you? His body guard?

Sam: His gardener."

"Sam: (sobbing) Do you remember the Shire, Mr. Frodo? It'll be spring soon. And the orchards will be in blossom. And the birds will be nesting in the hazel thicket. And they'll be sowing the summer barley in the lower fields... and eating the first of the strawberries with cream. Do you remember the taste of strawberries?

Frodo: No, Sam. I can't recall the taste of food... nor the sound of water... nor the touch of grass. I'm... naked in the dark. There's... There's nothing. No veil between me and the wheel of fire. I can see him... with my waking eyes.

Sam: Then let us be rid of it... once and for all. Come on, Mr. Frodo. I can't carry it for you... but I can carry you!"

"Aragorn: Let's hunt some orc."

"Captin Jack Sparrow: Look what I've got! (adopts sing-song voice) I've got a jar of dirt! I've got a jar of dirt! And guess what's inside it?"

"Gimli: Certainty of death, small chance of success! What are we waiting for?"

"world's shortest story; once upon a time there was an end." me

""Get the weapon into position"

"Dude, you have no idea how wrong that sounds"" me in a fanfic talking to Gisbourne - still not published

""Do you love me?"

"OMG!! PRINCE JOHN IS GAY!!"" me again on the first episode of Robin Hood with Prince John in it.

"Don't. Diss. the hair." Legolas in a random fanfic i read once

"I think i have a just reason to sacrifice Merlin's scarves to the almighty god of kaboom!" me in a fanfiction i'm writing. now completed! Go to my fanfiction profile to see the finished story here!

Stories In Progress:

Robin's Revenge Army on Mount Olympus/The Olympians' last requests - not published yet, i still need the chosen goddess titles for most of my lovely RRA girls. still working title.

Bloodlust; book one of the lifesblood saga - again, not published, title decided but still sorting out the characters (the little cupboard inside my head is getting awfully crowded, i'm building a new one. may take some time.)

Alex Blake; the mortal angel - also not published, setting and title agreed, most of the characters sorted (including the ones i'm killing off) haven't got round to writing it yet.

The Children of Roengard - you guessed it! not published! title decided, setting still unsure and working on the characters a bit more.

The Goddess's revenge - oneshot. not published. dedicated to my lovely Mira.

The Wrath of Squirrels - another unpublished oneshot stemming from the RRA on Olympus idea. This is precisely why boys should be scared of squirrels.

Wolf Huntress - not meaning she hunts wolves! not published, oneshot for my lovely friend Maple! also from thr RRA on Olympus.

Explaining Volcanoes - this is how volcanoes really came into being. unpublished RRA-on-Olympus oneshot dedicated to everyone else on the RRA.

Completed stories

do you really expect me to finish one? you do? damn. i'll have to keep the impromtu muses in the box for a few more years! :P

no completed stories yes because none of them are published! :P

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